Research activities at the Institute of Zoology SAS (IZ SAS) comprise the basic and applied research in zoology, hydrobiology, ecology, epidemiology, physiology and related biological disciplines that utilize modern approaches and techniques. The main areas of interest are the following:
1) Physiology, molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry and animal behavior. This research is focused on identification, expression and function of bioactive molecules and their receptors in insects and ticks.
2) Epidemiology, parasitology and mechanisms of parasite transmission on their hosts. The main goal is to elucidate complex interactions between vertebrate hosts, invertebrate ectoparasites and various pathogens causing health problems in animals and humans.
3) Taxonomy, phylogeny and ecology of invertebrate and vertebrate animals. These studies include natural history of animals in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, ecological disturbances by humans and nature conservation.
4) Applied research in forestry, agriculture and medicine. The mission is development and application of biotherapeutic approaches to patients in hospitals, as well as utilization of insect mass-rearing methods for agricultural and forestry purposes.
The Institute has been developing national and international collaborations with institutions and universities sharing similar research interests. Results of these research activities are published in good quality scientific journals and books.