Research activities of the Institute of Zoology SAS comprise the basic and applied research in zoology, physiology, hydrobiology, ecology and related biological disciplines. The main areas of interest are the following:

  1. Physiology, molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry and animal behaviour. This research is focused on identification, expression and function of bioactive molecules and their receptors in insects and ticks.
  2. Parasitology, epidemiology and mechanisms of transmission of parasites to the host. The goal is to elucidate complex interactions between vertebrate hosts, invertebrate parasites and various pathogens causing health problems in animals and humans.
  3. Taxonomy, systematics, phylogeny, ethology and ecology of invertebrate and vertebrate animals. Hydrobiological research is focused on spatio-temporal variability of macroinvertebrate species diversity and bioindication of anthropogenic changes in running and standing waters.
  4. Applied research associated with renaturalization of water bodies and assessment of the impact of hydromorphological disturbances on running water ecosystems.

Results of these research activities are published in good quality scientific journals and books. The Institute has been developing collaborations with institutions and universities sharing similar research activities at the national and international level. The Institute promotes the doctoral programme in the fields of zoology, molecular biology and animal physiology according to the actual legislation. The Institute provides consultant and expertise services related to its research activities.